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  • Julie Orrell

2013 Weddings

I have had the most amazing wedding season, and have loved spending the last year helping couples to plan their weddings.  I love how every style is different – some weddings are themed for instance this year I have had a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme, a 1940s theme, and others are based around a colour or a feeling.  Everyone is different and it is great to be able to help to plan a variety of styles.

2014 is going to be another fantastic year…with bookings streaming in…I’m going to be very busy.  My planning meetings start next month and I’m so excited to see my new couples.

So as my current wedding season draws to a close and the next one starts…I wish all of my lovely couples a fantastic life together…and really hope that your marriages are perfect.  Just remember though like with anything in life, marriages have their ups and downs but as long as your love for each other is strong enough…you will work through things…and come out stronger at the other side.

I wrote to one Bride the other day whom had sent me a lovely thank you note, and I talked about that exciting butterfly feeling we get in our tummies…and how sometimes it disappears….but what I will say and what I said to my Bride is that it is replaced with a much deeper love and a comforting feeling of familiarity…and you know what…those days you dress up and go out together…you sometimes do that sideways glance and being honest that butterfly feeling is still there…just sometimes it gets suppressed a little.

Congratulations to everyone who married this year, and congratulations to those of you who are just celebrating your engagements.  It is an amazing journey into marriage, and I look forward to taking that journey with you all and staying in touch with my already married couples.

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