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  • Julie Orrell

A new year…new adventures…

So it’s now 2016 – I hope you have had an amazing Christmas with your family and friends, and that you are looking forward to this year and all the life adventures it will bring. For me, I’m looking forward to helping lots of you have the most special day of your lives, by being there for you to help co-ordinate your wedding days and alleviate any stress you may be feeling.

For many, 2016 means a new chapter in your lives…starting out married life together. This should feel exciting…try not to cloud it with feelings of worry about the day itself. I will make sure each of you have the most perfect day that you will remember forever…so relax and focus on the real meaning of the day – getting married to each other and becoming husband and wife.

If anyone has recently become engaged, and would like to chat to someone about their wedding, please do contact me, as I would be more than happy to help….and congratulations!

Until I speak to all of you..enjoy the start of your year..and the excitement of things to come!

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