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  • Julie Orrell

How much…?

Your wedding, your way….but how much will that cost? According to Brides Magazine in September 2016, the average cost of a wedding (including honeymoon) was £30,111. According to The Independent, Bridebook research revealed that the average was £38,666. These figures are high and remember these are averages – some people spend way over £100,000 on their wedding. But do you really need to spend this much?

The highest priced items for any wedding will always be the venue, catering and photographer…but then a lot of the other costs can be reduced by just exploring more options and doing things yourselves.

The main thing to work through is what is your budget. How much have we realistically got to spend? And remember that although this should be the most special day of your lives, you still have the rest of your lives to enjoy moments together…so don’t spend all of your money on just one day.

Once you have your budget plus around 10% contingency for ‘just in case’, divide up the budget into all of the elements of your wedding…and then try where possible to stick to your budget.

Consider ways to reduce costs – can you make things yourselves – invites, table plan, name cards, table numbers, favours, cakes, centrepieces…to name just a few.

Can you find an amazing dress at a reduced sale price or would you consider second hand?

Do you really have to have ten bridesmaids?

Do you really have to invite everyone you have ever known to the day reception when realistically some of them you’ve not spoken to in years and actually they may not have even met your partner?

Does your friend have a nice car you could borrow for the day? I remember years ago when I worked down in Bristol, the taxi company I used for my work had limousines. The taxi fare was a normal fare they just chose to have slightly more extravagant cars. I organised for the taxi company’s limousine to take a work colleague to her wedding as her budget was tight but she wanted to arrive in a nice car.

Do you really want a sit down meal? Have you considered italian platters of meats, olives? Or afternoon tea? Or wood fired pizzas? Or paella? You don’t have to spend the earth on food and actually sometimes the food alternatives can provide a quirky twist to your wedding.

If you do have a large budget…spend away…and let suppliers do what they do best…but remember no matter what your budget, your day should be special for one reason above all…you are marrying the one person that makes your life complete. Everything else that surrounds this just adds to the moment to help to make it more memorable in years to come.

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