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What should you look for in a Wedding Planner?

What should you look for in a Wedding Planner? This is a question I’m sure pops into many heads when you are considering using a Wedding Planner. The Institute of Professional Wedding Planners mentions the following skills…

– They are organised – Attention to detail is important to them – They meet deadlines – They leave nothing to the last minute – They plan ahead – They build and maintain schedules – They juggle a lot of responsibilities simultaneously – They make a list of everything – Multi tasking is a way of life for them and not stressful – They are creative and romantic – They enjoy being around people – They communicate well – They have good intuition – They have good interpersonal skills – They can handle stress – They are flexible and are able to cope with unexpected situations.

At Weddings By Julie, we pride ourselves on the above skills – if you would like someone to help you with your Wedding Planning, please get in touch with Julie. We really can help and would love to help.

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