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  • Julie Orrell

Will it rain?

As more and more people are interested in outdoor ceremonies, the one thing we are always concerned with is the rain. As Wedding Planners we can manage most things but the weather is not one of them. So how do we work around this? The most important thing to factor into your planning is a contingency plan, and this isn’t just for the weather.

For every wedding, I write a contingency plan considering all of the potential things that could happen or go wrong and the action I would take should that happen.

So with the rain, a solution is to have an indoor ceremony room as an alternative. Or perhaps install gazebos as one of my couple’s did this year. Another option is to have plenty of umbrellas on hand should you need them – white ones can look quite effective in the photographs.

Prepare your guests for the fact that you really do want an outdoor ceremony come rain or shine, at least that way they are able to come prepared with umbrellas, jackets etc. Make sure staff are prepared for this too especially the person doing your ceremony.

If your wedding guests really love you they won’t mind getting a little bit wet. One of my couples this year had a very wet outdoor ceremony. Guests huddled under gazebos, the bride walked down the aisle with an umbrella and then stood in the rain with no cover during the ceremony. She so wanted an outdoor ceremony that she wasn’t going to let a little bit of rain spoil it for her. It was quite an emotive moment and I heard many a guest comment that ‘the rain made it even more special’ – it was one of those occasions that they will remember for ever and for all the right reasons.

Remember also that rain can make your photographs look even more special and romantic. So please don’t worry about a little thing called rain – just plan for it – and if it doesn’t rain then that’s always a bonus. Remember in the UK we are more likely than not to get a spell of rain during the course of any day. Embrace that and enjoy your day!!!

Lots of love x

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